Are you a small business owner or new manager grappling with the issues of managing your people?
Do you dread giving team members feedback?
Do you dread your staff giving you feedback?
Does your staff turnover seem high?
Do you feel like the morale in your team is low?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then our Leadership Essentials Programme can really help you to run your business and your team better.

The Leadership Essentials Programme is focused on the people side of running your business. The programme has been developed specially for small business owners, and managers working in small or medium sized businesses, who wouldn’t normally have access to leadership training.

This is not a course for people who want a Diploma or Degree to put on their wall. This is for Owners and Managers who want to change the way they are leading in their business. It is intensely practical and filled with templates, approaches and ideas that you can implement straight away with your team.

We also have a private Facebook group where you can talk to others who are facing similar challenges and compare approaches, seek advice and offer ideas.
What is in the programme?
The programme is distilled from over 20 years of training leaders and working with them and their teams to really change the way they operate and the results they produce.  We have incorporated some of the tried and true frameworks that were around when I did my MBA as well as recent thinking on issues such as diversity and unconscious bias.  And all of it is presented in a way that you can take away and work with immediately.
Core Topics Include:

Self Awareness
Building Trust
Communication & Work Styles
Leadership vs. Management
Strategic Direction and Goal Setting
Managing Performance
Having Difficult Conversations
Leading Through Change
Building Your Team

There are five one hour webinars in the programme and they are designed so you watch one each week and then apply what you’ve seen and heard before moving on to the next one.  If you want to move faster you can work through them at your own pace.  Over the year additional topics will also be added to the programme and, as an existing participant, you will receive access to these for free.

Twice this year we will run the five week programme live.  This means I will be delivering the webinars live each week and there will be time for Q&A on each of these so you can raise issues that you are experiencing and discuss them in the group.  All of the webinars will run in the early evening so you can get to them without compromising your working day. 

Live programme dates have now passed. Stay tuned for announcements of next LIVE rounds!

With any of these programmes you will also have exclusive access to the membership site where all the webinars will be stored so you can refer back to them if you missed one or want to revisit a topic.  You will also find special bonus material, including a series of interviews with leaders across industries and roles, and access to the private Facebook group. 

Hi, I'm Juliet Robinson
look forward to guiding you through the Leadership Essentials Programme.
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Private Facebook Group

This private group is where you will find others who are facing the same challenges as you and you can raise issues, seek advice and offer your solutions to other peoples’ issues.  As a small business owner, it can be lonely, especially when you are facing difficult issues.  The Facebook group will give you a group of peers who can help you overcome your leadership challenges and build your confidence as a leader.

If you want to develop your skills and confidence as a leader, this is the course for you!